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The Gray Mattr

The Gray Mattr?

If you understand the concept completely, you can solve any question. Understanding the ‘Why’ behind concepts is very important. The real motive of education is to give direction to your curious mind in learning concepts. Marks are just a measuring tool to assess your level of understanding. However, in this highly competitive world, the real motive of education has been lost somewhere, and marks have become the real motive.

  • The aim of The Gray Mattr is to go back to the real roots of education to build conceptual clarity.

“During my school education, I had observed many of my friends scoring low marks. Their low marks made them think that they were ‘not smart’ or they were ‘not intelligent’. However, this was far from reality. The real reason was that they never had conceptual clarity. And unfortunately, they never had a resource to understand the concepts patiently at their own speed. This gave birth to The Gray Mattr which enables you to learn concepts in depth anytime, anywhere at your own speed. Never question your intelligence.”

Aayush Saroha

Founder, The Gray Mattr